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Saltcave-cure with the forces of nature

Salzgrotte info

Halotherapy "halos" (= "salt") originated from the originally practiced treatment for the respiratory system by staying in natural salt mines (eg Wieliczka in Poland, Berchtesgaden in Germany), where, thanks to the specific properties of respiratory diseases are treated successfully for decades.

The salt cave in Frankfurt is covered with 25 tons of the Himalayas, halite and Dead Sea salt. In the middle is a Gradieranlage responsible for the humidification.
enlightened An the wall is a specially developed halogen salt generator mounted. This creates a unique, mineral-rich microclimate.

At each meeting by the salt generator thousands salt particles are blown into the air.

Acute respiratory diseases and infections can be cured more quickly by using the Halo therapy; the chronic respiratory diseases. (various forms of asthma, bronchitis, etc.) preloaded visitors can significant improvements be given and the risk of secondary infections decreases rapidly, a not to be underestimated advantage!

Salt aerosol technologies open up the healing power of nature in an innovative way - by creating an adjustable healing salt aerosol atmosphere in the salt Heilgrotte.

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Every breath you with valuable minerals and microelements such as magnesium, calcium, iron, bromine, etc which are particularly important for the human organism.

Dry salt aerosol has an antibacterial effect on the micro flora of the respiratory tract destroyed and removed microorganisms.

The clean, salty air causes a cleaning of the air and respiratory tract and an improvement in all chronic respiratory and lung diseases
Pleasant relaxation music, the murmur of the fountain, the play of light of the backlit salt create an extraordinary atmosphere.

Even if you feel fit and healthy now, you benefit from halotherapy in the salt cave through preventive, anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect of the dry salt aerosol.

  And visitors with typical symptoms of colds as dry, irritated nasal mucosa, zahflüssiger mucus in the nose and in the paranasal sinuses and irritation of the throat of Zusatand could be significantly improved.

HALOTHERAPY you can also use as a prophylactic measure!
As logotherapy works in the salt cave?
With a specially developed salt generator we dose the health-promoting dry salt aerosol concentration optimal (more than 3mg per m3) and can at controlled humidity (40-60%) and a pleasant room temperature (18-24 ° C)
HALOTHERAPY is a natural, effective and safe method for the hygiene of the respiratory tract.
The most important factor of halotherapy is the dry aerosol of micro-fine crushed salt (respirable particles having a particle size of 1-5 microns). Halotherapy represents the implementation of a stay in a salt mine to a dry salt inhalation.
Dry salt aerosol in the salt cave:
  • Removal of potential pathogens
  • Improved bronchial excretions
  • Decrease in bronchial inflammation

  now online Termine reserve!  oder 069 9055 93 53 

Our salt cave offers:
(heart Our seniors aged 60 and over have with us a senior citizen discount!)